The John Wayne Story - starring John Wain
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John Wain and Pilar Wayne
"I only wish the Duke were here to see someone carrying on the things he loved best."
Pilar Wayne
"To Friends coming to see The John Wayne Story

You are about to be touched in your heart and be brought to your knees with a pride of being an American. "..more!

N. Todd
Arlington, TX
John Wain with The Oak Ridge Boys
"Dear Mr. Wain,

This past weekend I had the privilage of seeing you perform for the second time. I brought three of my fellow Marines along with me..." ..more!

Semper Fi!
L/Cpl J. Siegel
"... Mr John Wain did a superbly realistic impression of John Wayne and you could see it was with his heart. We learned so much about John Wayne that we never knew..." ..more!
C. Snowden
"Dear Mr. Wain

... Far more exciting was when you invited me to the stage to act out one of the characters from 'Sons of Katie Elder'. I got goose bumps (no kidding), when I slipped on John Wayne's actual warm-up jacket, and read the part..." ..more!

J. & G. Kendrick
Garland, Tx

True patriotism is a lot more than getting a lump in your throat when the flag passes by. It involves determination on your part to see that america remains free. It involves your willingness to put the best interest of our country ahead of your own self interest. Individual interest may be important, but the art of democracy is the ability to recognize the common good and the ability to give, not just to take. There are 231 million people out there today that can pull our nation together or pull it apart. which way did you pull today?

by: John Wayne


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Impersonating John Wayne since 1964. Available now for your event, starring the worlds foremost John Wayne impersonator. Guest Stars include Katharine Hepburn, Walter Brennan, Crazy Guggenhiem, Strothers Martin, Jimmy Stewart and Barbara Bush. Please call 318-573-9203 or click here.

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John Wain in painted desert

Why I love America!

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